Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Day Has Finally Arrived.... Happy Loc Appreciation Day Everyone!!!

A very brief message from Qochemist  :)

Well, it has not been an easy road. From the first mention of this idea, through all the brainstorming, and even down to the final moments, this day has been a lot of hardwork to pull off.  Thank you to everyone who has supported this idea.  It's amazing that a bunch of virtual strangers could come together for a common cause.  And while some may have said, "It's just hair" in the past... I am hoping that today others will see that there really is so much more to this journey that we embark upon.  So today I say to all of you... be proud of the decision you made. Regardless of what stage you are in embrace each moment of your journey.  For all of you who do not don a loc'd crown but love the beauty of them... we appreciate you today for the love.


BTW: Be sure to check out the LAD collab vids that dunte86 worked so diligently on:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates on 6/21/11....Win Free Stuff and Meet Cool People: Giveaways and Meetups for LAD 2011

Hi everyone,
This post will be updated on a regular basis until LAD... I mentioned that individuals who are doing contests/giveaways and those wanting to organize meetups should send their info to so we can keep everyone aware of all that is going on.  So far here are the links to contests and meetup vids:

TX Meetup by Napzfaya:

NYC Meetup with LocHow2:
email her at
A Daytime activity and a 21 and over evening Event

Louisville, KY Meetup:
Location: Go Natural located at 813 Lyndon Lane
Time: 5:00pm  - 8:30 pm
Date: June 25, 2011
Host: Sherita Hawkins (

Current Contest(s):
Contest runs June 4 - June 22 with the winner to be announced on Loc Appreciation Day :)
All rules are in the description box

Nappygurl1979 (
Contest runs now until LAD when the winner will be announced



Bohemian Brown (
Runs now until midnight L.A.D (see video for all details)

Runs now until noon on L.A.D (see video for all details)

Also, I want to shoutout the following people who have pledged items for a LAD giveaway that is yet to be announced:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet the Designer of Our 2011 Loc Appreciation Day Logo

c0ilykins on Youtube

We decided to ask the winner of the Loc Appreciation Day Logo Contest a few questions so you can get to know the artist a little better. Read below to see what she had to say:

How long have you been an artist and what types of art do you like to create?
I have been an artist from the moment I created my first stick figure lol (age5). My first love was cartoons, so as a child, my art involved cartoons. As I got older, my art skills matured and I began to draw realistic portraits. I would say that as of today my art style is a cross between cartoon and realistic.

What inspired your design for Loc Appreciation Day?
The drawing of bob marley and the lion of zion is what inspired my design. That portrait always stood out to me and I felt empowered everytime I saw it. I wanted to create a design that made others feel empowered and proud to rock locs, to be fearless as a lion! After many many rough drafts, I was so happy to finally come up with a design that I was satisfied and confident about! Big hugs to everyone who voted! Love y'all!

How do you feel about being a part of Loc Appreciation Day/the Loc'd Movement?
I'm so thrilled and so grateful to be apart of L.A.D! I feel so honored to have been given a chance to show my loc family and the world what I'm made of and what I have to offer to this movement of beautiful people!

Where can we view more examples of your artwork?
You can view more of my artwork on  
For business inquiries email me at

Looking for Creative Minds and Fellow Bloggers

Hi all,
I just wanted to mention, yet again, that we are looking for individuals who would like to contribute to our blog. You can contribute articles about locs and natural hair care, photos of loc styles (please make sure you have proper rights/permissions to use the photos), or loc tutorials that you may have done. It is my hope that we can keep this blog updated with lots of valuable information and that we can keep the spirit of Loc Appreciation Day moving all year long. So... if you have something you'd like to contribute email us at
Also, if you have a blog that you'd like the Loc Appreciation Day blog to follow... Let us know :)