Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L.A.D 2012

Hello Everyone!!!
Please mark your calendars!!!
We are doing it again!!!

I'm so excited to announce that 2012 Loc Appreciation Day is on 6/23/2012 which is the last Saturday of the month. Loc Appreciation Day was created by Qochemist, a YouTuber with a vision. Her vision was to set aside one day out of the year for loc wearers and loc lovers worldwide to appreciate, celebrate, unite, love and share with one another. This vision was first celebrated on 6/25/2011 and it was so successful that we are doing it again.

2011 Loc Appreciation Day was such an exciting and unforgettable day!! Loc Appreciation Day collaboration videos were posted all over YouTube. People were uniting and meeting up in different locations. Also there were tons of giveaways and contests in celebration.

Come all, come everyone let's celebrate 2012 Loc Appreciation Day on 6/23/2012!!!!! This is a day where all loc wearers, loose naturals, and loc lovers can take the time to reflect and celebrate. So far we have three YouTuber's who have posted videos about LAD. Please check them out.

First we have c0ilykins with the 2012 LAD logo Contest:

Second we have Napzfaya representing Texas with a Thrifting meet up:

Then we have Qochemist with a 2012 LAD update:

Thanks Everyone,
Diva Desert Locs:)