Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Official! Loc Appreciation Day 2013 (#LAD2013) Is June 22, 2013!!!

Hi Everyone!
You are probably very surprised to see this blog update in your inbox but if you haven't been keeping up with the latest I wanted to make sure that you are aware that we will celebrate Loc Appreciation Day for a third year.

So far a Host Collaboration Contest is being held to identify individuals who are interested in assisting with the editing of the collaboration footage that will be submitted from individuals all over the US and abroad shouting out the day and a logo contest is being held to find the newest design for our 2013 tshirts.
If you are interested in helping with the collaboration video check out the video on dunte86's channel:

And if you are artistic and want to submit a logo for this year's logo contest please check out the video on my channel:

Also, please feel free to share this blog post and the video links on various hair forums and groups online so that we can spread the word.